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Air Cooled Heating/Cooling

Air source portable heat pumps are the most efficient way to employ spot heating in a wide range of uses. Portable heat pumps can produce far more heat than electric space heaters – about 3 times as much heat, while operating more efficiently. These units are also safer than electric space heaters which present obvious fire hazards.

Air Source Portable Heat Pumps

OceanAire’s range of air source portable heat pump units include:

2OACH Series (12,000 BTU/HR to 60,050 BTU/HR)

Common uses for portable heat pumps include:

A heat pump is often used as supplemental heat source within office buildings, retail spaces, manufacturing / storage and process heating, inside schools, hospitals and often for special events. The most common type of portable heat pump uses ambient air to heat a space. All that is required is to simply plug the portable heat pump unit in. There is no outside access needed to dispel exhaust.

What is a Portable Heat Pump?

A portable heat pump works in the opposite way a portable air-sourced air conditioner works. The air cooling process is used to produce heat. 

Portable heat pumps are a relatively new technology which enables spot heating (and often cooling as well) in a wide range of environments. OceanAire manufactures a range of portable heat pumps to suit various applications. Whether for emergency heating or to provide temporary heat in any space, we manufacture a product that will suit your heating needs quietly and efficiently.

How Does a Portable Heat Pump Work?

A portable heat pump works like a portable air conditioner but in reverse. Instead of discharging the hot air ‘byproduct’ through ducting to an external outlet, a portable heat pump disperses hot air into the room. Using the ambient air to heat a room is a far better way to warm a space. Quiet and efficient portable heat pumps from OceanAire are quality built to last and are made in the USA  for years of commercial and industrial heating applications.

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