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Water Cooled

Water Cooled

OceanAire’s water cooled portable air conditioner units offer an extremely efficient and effective way to control the climate in any sized room. Because water cooled air conditioners do not discharge large amounts of heat, they do not require exhaust ducting and are used to great effect in enclosed areas.

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OceanAire’s range of water cooled portable air cooler units include:

How Do Water Cooled Portable Air Conditioning Units Work?

Portable air conditioner units that are water cooled simply require access to an appropriate power source, a source of water and a drain. Our units, ship with hoses as an accessory, will connect to any standard sink, but can also be used in janitor sinks or used with any other type of waste water outlet.

There are many applications where a standard air cooled air conditioner cannot be used. Because they require ventilation to discharge the heat that they generate, ducts must be run through windows or into floated ceilings or other appropriate areas, like a warehouse or other large spaces. This makes water cooled air conditioners far more versatile than air cooled portable air conditioners.

Advantages of Water Cooled Portable Air Conditioners

There are many advantages to using a water cooled air conditioner to cool a space. Here are just a few:

OceanAire manufactures a range of commercial water cooled portable air conditioners for use in almost any environment. We have distributors across the United States and even across the world. To find an OceanAire partner near you, contact OceanAire today.

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