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Looking for specific information about your OceanAire portable air conditioning unit? Browse our product support documents listed below to find a wealth of information about all our products.

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Portable Air Cooled Air Conditioners  Air Cooled Support Documents    

PAC Series

PAC Technical Specification

PAC Accessories

PAC Service Parts List (R410A)

PAC Service Parts List (R22)

PAC Engineering, Installation and Service Manual (R410A), S/N N1 thru T4

PAC Engineering, Installation and Service Manual (R410A), S/N U1 and higher

20AC Series

2OAC Series Technical Specifications, Full Line

2OAC Accessories

2OAC Service Parts List (R410A)

2OAC Service Parts List (R22)

2OAC Engineering, Installation & Service Manual (R410A)

OAC Service Parts List (R22)

CAC Series

CAC Technical Specification

CAC Accessories

CAC Service Parts List (R410A)

CAC Engineering, Installation & Service Manual (R410A)



undefined  Water Cooled Support Documents

PWC Series

PWC Series Technical Specifications - Full Line

PWC Accessories

PWC Service Parts List (R410A)

PWC Service Parts List (R22)

PWC Engineering, Installation and Service Manual (R410A)       


OWC Series

OWC Technical Specifications - Full Line

OWC Accessories

OWC Service Parts List (R410A)

OWC Service Parts List (R22)

OWC Engineering, Installation & Service Manual (R410A)


undefined  Heating and Cooling Units Support Documents

2OACH Series

2OACH Technical Specification

2OACH Accessories

2OACH Service Parts List (R410A)

2OACH Service Parts List (R22)

2OACH Engineering, Service & Installation Manual (R410A)

OACH Service Parts List (R22)


We're here for the tough questions

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